[Review] Zombie Land: Double shot – Bring them to the theater to release stress

If you’re having days just wanting to swear at the world except the one you love, then invite them to the theater and enjoy the Zombie Land: Double Shot (Zombieland 2: Double Tap). The film will surely make you dispel all sorrow and regain lost energy.
After 10 years of goodbye to the audience, The Zombie Land: The double shot has returned and gives the audience laughter of joyful situations, full of humor, interesting, muddy and coffee extremely different from each other.

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The film received a coffee prize of the year
Zombie Land: The double shot continues the story of the previous section and after 10 years the zombies have evolved more than before, the numbers are also more numerous and still a threat to all of humanity. Colombus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock had a good time together in the White House. However, the peaceful and controlled life of Tallahassee made Little Rock feel suffocated, and Wichita because of Columbus’s proposal should not be as comfortable as before. Two sisters decided to leave home to make life easier. From replenishing a new battle against zombies, protecting his life and relatives of your friends started.

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The film was made by the producers of Venom and Deapool, so the smoothness of the work is not in dispute. Especially in this section, there is a new member in the anti-zombie family – Madison, the girl who survived by hiding in the fridge, falling in love with pink, half-crazy and half-corned, and every time she says something, she makes The whole movie theater laughed. “Do you know why she survived, because zombies ate brains, and she did not?” – Tallahassee’s harsh but high-quality judgment made viewers laugh and admire their hats.

Those of you who watch American movies regularly are certainly familiar with American jokes, need a little deduction to know what the characters in the film say and it will be a bit difficult to laugh for Vietnamese audiences. However, watching Zombie Land: Double shot, viewers will not have to worry not understand the funny situations in the film; Because the plot of the movie is very well built, many movie titles as well as other characters in the film are constantly pulled out without leaving anyone. The script’s bogs gave the audience laughter from the beginning to the end of the movie. For example, just a small detail like a car is enough to make viewers laugh five times seven times, extremely fun.

The name Zombie Land: The double shot will surely make the viewer think that this is a horror movie with many details that make the film viewers stick their tongue out of disgust. But actually this is a comedy and a little mixed with horror elements. So for fans of the horror genre, it’s definitely a bit disappointing, but it’s okay the comedic situations in the movie will make you happy right away.

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Actors and actors
Cast in Zombie Land: The double shot of each character has their own cast of land to fully show their personality to the audience. An uncle with a cool appearance, but extremely emotional when it comes to his little niece. A handsome guy with a troubled relationship with two women. A strong woman but still weak to see her man know other women. Although the young granddaughter, who grew up and followed her son, left home, she is still a member of the extended family. A woman with a goldfish brain, jubilant and full of humor. Together, they all made the movie interesting.

Sound, images and effects
Zombie Land: The double shot has a well-built image with impressive frames and enough zombie shapes to make viewers stick their tongue out because they look so horrible. Combined with the well-handled sound, especially the gun battle with zombies, the audience was extremely excited when using the surround sound system in the theater.

Zombie Land: Double Shot is a great entertainment movie for the audience after a hard working day.

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